High-pressure elbow manufacturing process

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In the production process of high pressure bend pipe, we first weld a polygonal ring shell with a cross section or a polygonal fan-shaped shell with both ends closed. After the pressure medium is flooded inside the high pressure bend pipe, internal pressure is applied. Under the action of internal pressure, the cross section gradually becomes a round ring shell, and finally becomes a circular ring shell.

According to the need, a circular shell will be cut into 4 90 elbow or 6 60 high pressure elbow or other specifications of high pressure elbow, this process is to a large extent will be applicable to the manufacture of high pressure elbow middle diameter and stamping elbow inner diameter ratio is greater than 1.5 of any specification of large elbow, is an ideal method to manufacture large national standard elbow.

Secondly, for high pressure bending pipe elbow, in practice, to a large extent, it will be applicable to oil, natural gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boiler industries in the pipeline system. There is no need for tube billet as raw material, at the same time, can also save the cost of tube making equipment and its mold, and can get any large diameter and relatively thin wall thickness of the national standard elbow.

In actual use, can shorten the manufacturing cycle, production costs will be greatly reduced. Because it does not need any special equipment, it is especially suitable for the field processing of large GB elbow. The billet refers to the flat plate or developable surface, because its blanking is simple, precision is easy to be guaranteed, assembly and welding is more convenient.

For the thermal insulation elbow, high density polyethylene anticorrosive layer is used, the high density polyethylene pipe protection elbow to a large extent can avoid the appearance of corrosion or plant corrosion, at the same time, can also extend the service life of the pipe fitting itself. To a large extent, the supporting working bend can bear a certain amount of external load, which can ensure the normal work of the bend.

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