CHAMB Gactory Organizes Week-Long Training Activities

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In order to better implement lean management, improve operational skills and expand working ideas, CHAMB factory organized first-line production staff to go to Hongcheng Workshop 2 for one-week training and learning from March 15th to March 20th, 2023.

The main content of this study includes two parts: the post operation ability and the site management ability of the production line staff. In the morning of 16th, under the leadership of the production director Li, CHAMB first-line staff systematically participated in the on-site study of Hongcheng Factory. In the afternoon, CHAMB first-line staff followed the shift order to learn the operation skills and site management. CHAMB staff discipline, study seriously, humbly consult, show a good spiritual outlook.

We benefited a lot from this training. We not only improved the cognitive ability and operational ability of our respective positions, but also broadened the idea of lean management on the site. In particular, we were inspired a lot and learned new methods on the disposal of leaking points and on-site cleaning. We will make use of our strengths and weaknesses and continue to improve, in order to improve work efficiency, enhance the overall image of the company, and promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.

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