Carbon steel Seamless Pipe connection method

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1. Compression type: Insert the pipe into the nozzle of the pipe fitting, fix it with a nut, and then press the sleeve of the nozzle into the sealing ring with spiral force to shrink, so as to seal and complete the pipe connection.

2. Welding mode: the end of the pipe is slotted, and the pipe is welded manually or automatically for ring welding.

3. Flange type: Flange and pipe are welded with annular argon arc and fixed with quick clamp or bolt so that gaskets between flanges can seal and complete pipe connection.

4. Compression type: Insert the pipe into the pipe fittings, and use the special installation tool to press the pipe wall into a hexagonal shape, and the internal sealing ring will also become a hexagonal shape.

5. Cone thread type: The outer thread and the pipeline are annular argon arc welding, and the inner thread pipe fittings are connected through the cone thread to complete the pipeline connection.

How to connect two seamless steel pipes? There are many ways to join two seamless steel tubes, but generally there are two main methods, one is a detachable connection and the other is a non-detachable connection.

The detachable connection means that it can be removed after installation. A non-detachable connection is a permanent connection of two seamless steel pipes.

The most common method of non-detachable connections is welding. Two seamless steel pipes are welded together by various welding methods. This method is less expensive but requires a higher working environment, such as when the pipe is too long or the diameter is too large. It is not convenient to work after welding together.

There are three most common types of detachable connections:

1. Flange connection (easy to assemble and disassemble, strong versatility).

2. Connection of movable joint (movable joint is divided into threaded type and welded type).

3. Special pipe joint connection (with internal thread, external thread, etc.). Users can choose a specific connection mode according to their own situation, no matter which connection mode is used, it must be strong and reliable.

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