Spiral tube prices continue to fall around the world

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First, market summary

26, the national spiral tube price continued to fall mainly weak, the price of some domestic mainstream cities down 30-50 yuan/ton. Today’s black futures decline has narrowed, the main period snail slightly down. The price of hot coil and strip steel in the mainstream market rebounded slightly, and the price in some mainstream markets rose by 10 yuan/ton. Recently, raw material prices have a rebound trend, but the futures market continues to weaken and the market demand is not good, market confidence is damaged, spiral tube prices continue to weaken. May Day is expected before the national spiral tube price or is expected to stabilize operation.

2. Today’s price

Today, the price of spiral tubes in the mainstream market in China is stable and there is a decline, among which the price of spiral tubes in Lecong, Daqiuzhuang, Wuhan and Chengdu is down 30 yuan/ton, and the price of spiral tubes in Shanghai is down 50 yuan/ton.

Three, regional price difference

The price difference between East China and North China is 70 yuan/ton, the price difference between South China and North China is 0 yuan/ton, and the price difference between Southwest and North China is 150 yuan/ton.

4. Price of raw materials

Today black futures open low high, thread main 2310 close 3719 yuan/ton, flat than yesterday; Hot roll 2310 to 3771 yuan/ton, down 0.4%; Iron ore 2309 closed at 716.5 yuan per ton, down 0.35%. The mainstream market Tangshan strip steel rose 10 yuan/ton, the mainstream market Tangshan, Shanghai hot roll price rose 10 yuan/ton, Tangshan billet stable in the afternoon, at 3560 yuan/ton. Raw material billet prices stable operation, coupled with futures board decline narrowed, short-term raw material prices or is expected to stabilize a small rebound.

5. Forecast tomorrow

The recent slowdown of raw material market, pipe factory and traders for a long time profit upside down, the market stabilization call is high, before May Day merchants are still mainly shipping. Black futures volatility of the uncertain factor and the downstream start of poor conditions, the price of a short period of time to block upward. On the supply side, in order to reduce losses, or have the intention to reduce production, the market supply and demand will still maintain a weak balance in a short time. Small holiday approaching, market sentiment to strengthen. Comprehensive is expected in the short term the national spiral tube price or is expected to stop falling stable operation.

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